Water Demineralisation

The Complete Removal of Dissolved Matters

In addition to calcium carbonate there are some more dissolved substances in water; provided these are inorganic salt ions it is possible to render them innoxious by complete removal = demineralisation.

Only demineralising devices remove calcium carbonate completely from water – these devices absorb all ions by means of an ion exchange resin and thus „take“ them out of the water (demineralisation).

By the time the ion exchange resin is exhausted, it has to be replaced; the saturated resin is given back and recycled by specialised companies.

Corrosivity as a Companion of Water Treatment

Even if water is completely desalted (demineralised) corrosivity persists; at a low pH value OH– und H+ ions sustain the corrosive action of water. Thus even then treatment with an approved corrosion protection agent is indicated.

Only the removal of limescale forming substances prohibits safely limescale deposits – but depending on the water condition one has always to take into account appropriate measures for corrosion prevention too.

To be able to carry out an enduring demineralisation we offer the following techniques:

For removal of water salts (minerals) by means of physical methods see our page conderning osmosis plants (RO Plants).