Online Treatment of Heating and Cooling Waters

Water exchange during operation

Aftera long period of perliminary work and tests we were able to develop a fully automated purging and treating device (product name APOLLO) which allows rehabilitation of heating and cooling systems during operation.

This equipment allows a replacement of your heating water without being urged to turn off the heating.

Water replacement is – amongst others – needed in the following cases:

  •  Residues of antifreeze agent exist in the heating or cooling system and have led to a so called tilting of the heating water (heavy descent of pH value).
  •  Water quality does not meet the technical requirements, for example pH value too high, a problem, which occurs especially in systems where Aluminium is incorporated.
  • High chloride values in the heating or cooling system, caused by softening plants which have been purged badly

Purging and treating device APOLLO in action
(replacement of heating water when heating)

Our technicians arrive, connect the device, determine the desired parameters – and let APOLLO do his work. Periodical water samples show the progress of the rehabilitation – after completion of the rehabilitation the device is dismounted by our technician, and your heating and/or cooling water is in mint condition.