Water Analysis

Exploration of raw, feeding, boiler and circulating waters aacording to ÖNORM H5195 or ABV

In the treatment of heating waters or waters in steam systems or waters used in cooling systems either specialised technical norms (as for example the ÖNORM H5195, 3 parts, in Austria), or statutory provisions (like the so called ABV, BGBl. No. 353/1995, valid version – Setup and Operation of Steam Boilers in Austria) have to be met.

The analysis done by our laboratory include all parameters mentioned in these documents – starting at the pH value, ending at a special active ingredient; additionally we analyze of course relevant corrosion indicators (e.g. iron content to colony count).

Analytical Methods: Exploration on-site and in the laboratory

To check the quality of your water at regular intervals we offer several possibilities – chemically as well as device-related.

By means of measuring fixes you are able to carry out quantification – e.g. content of chlorine, of calcium, magnesium, iron, or biocides etc..

Measuring instruments indicate physical parameters such as pH value or conductivity; with their help very often the timing of added quantities is controlled and regulated.

We offer:

Dr. Ing. Franz Böhm – Ihr professioneller Ansprechpartner zur Analyse von Wasser