• filter housings made of grey cast iron
    filter cartridges made of stainless steel
    big filter area
    available optional with bow-shaped handle for fast change of the screen basket
    temperature range up to 110°C
    pressure up to 10 (16) bar
    including manometers
    drain valve (optional)
    differential pressure switch (optional)
    magnet insertion retrofit
    available filter cartridges 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 µm

    KSF DN 50
    KSF DN 65
    KSF DN 80
    KSF DN 100
    KSF DN 125
    KSF DN 150
    KSF DN 200
    KSF DN 250
    KSF DN 300

    suitable for the filtration of heating circuits, process water
    Example of use: Heating circuits, enclosed systems


  • reliable monitoring of filters
    adjustable pressure range
    temperature range up to 80°C
    pressure up to 10 bar
    for pressure difference range 0,03 – 0,6 bar
    isolated electric contact

    DPG100/10 fixed adjustment 0,1 – 0,45 bar / only switch
    DPG200/06 manually, scale reading 0,06 – 0,6 bar
    DPG300/06 differential pressure manometer 0-1 bar
    DPG300/06K differential pressure manometer 0-1 bar with switch contact

    suitable for monitoring of filters

  • reliable monitoring of filters
    error persists until trouble-shooting begins
    for blocking current resistant circulating pumps 1x230V max. 1 kW
    three-phase version up to 7,5 kW
    external access for motor protecting switch
    available with alarm output and elapsed-time counter too

    SDTSF/1 ext. input (motor protection), differential pressure (DPG100/10), outlet pump
    SDTSF/2 ext. input, differential pressure contact, outlet pump, alarm, operating hours,…
    SDTSF/MS additional contactor, triple-pole, with motor protecting switch max. 7,5 kW

    suitable for monitoring of filters