Limescale in the Water

The harder water is, the more boiler scale settles at the hottest spots in the system – boiler, flow heater, washing machine, etc.

High energy costs and repairs are the consequences.

How can the formation of boiler and mineral scale be prevented safely?

By eliminating lime producers (calcium and magnesiums alts) from water.

This is done by softening or demineralisation units; if there are no more lime salts in the water, no more limescale is generated.

Only an elimination of lime producers (calcium salts) prohibts safely formation of limescale. Consequently the installation of a softening or demineralising unit is always successful

But how can already formed boiler or mineral scale safely be removed?

If despite all preventive measures or in course of time a limescale coating has formed in your pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, vessels etc., this can of course – by applying appropriate technique and appropriate materials – be removed again; a decalcification procedure has to be carried out.

For suitable dissolving agents see our page Chemical Rehabilitation.

For execution of a necessary decalcification procedure we have our BOY Pumps at hand; additionally we prepared detailled Field Manuals, so that you are able to carry out your decalcification independently by yourselves if necessary.