Special- and General-Purpose Cleaning Agents

Our cleaners are used in the private, as well as in the business and industry sector

 This product group comprises the following cleaning agents:

  • Cleaner for the maintenance of lavatories and shower rooms, bathrooms and toilets, as well as their tiles, floors and fittings; prevents and eliminates limescale, without affecting metals (except for zinc), enamel, plastics or coats of lacquer; kills microorganisms (bacteria, viri, fungi), fights therefore effective athlete’s foot, prevents development of fetidness and stenches (urinal) and lowers danger of infection.


  • Cleaning agent for floors, walls, toilets, lavatories, devices, showers and saunas etc., in public buildings like hospitals, schools, children’s homes, sports facilities, indoor swimming pools, open air swimming pools, rest homes, hotels, restaurants, as well as in industry and farming; a novel disinfectant for an effective control of bacteria and fungi, based on quaternary ammonium compounds; fighting effective: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudonomas aeruginosa, Proteus mirabilis, Candida albicans et al.


  • Alkaline hot degreaser as well as cold cleaner based on water, free of organic solvents; especially at higher temperatures dogged contaminations can be removed – e,g. suitable for the removal of oil carbon, grime and crack residues; particular appropriate for degreasing of boilers, pipe systems etc.


  • Highly effective, volatile glass cleaning agent, used in households as well as in business and industry; contains specialised, volatile surfactants; suitable for cleaning of metal surfaces too; evaporates without leaving behind smear.


  • A degreasing agent based on water, solvent free, does not form stable emulsions with water – therefore even oily contaminations of dip fluids can be easily separated in the oil trap; optimally suitable even for alkali sensitive surfaces like aluminium or varnishes.

  • Bio-degradable industrial cleaner based on specific esters, functioning as alternative for inflammable or harmful cold cleaners; because of its high boiling point the evaporation rate of INDUSTRIEREINIGER-DBE is virtually zero, and it has not to fulfill special storage requirements as ist flash point lies above 100°C.


  • Fully bio-degradable cleaner for households, business and industry; for cleaning of windows, doors and all painted surfaces in spas, agencies, schools, commercial operations, hospitals, industrial units etc.; especially suitable for the removal of oily contaminations; because of its content of skin protecting substances especially recommended for use as diswashing liquid.


  • Disinfectant specialised on fighting microorganisms in ion exchange resins (demineralisation facilities, alkaline ion exchangers etc.); has acidly and corrosively effects in concentrated form.


  • Cleaner especially for removal of oily and fatty contaminations; it is not allowed to treat aluminium and other alkaline sensitive surfaces (e.g. finished surfaces) with RANDREIN-AL, because it possibly may affect these surfaces.


  • Highly effective cleaning agent, optimally suitable for basic cleaning of lavatories and toilets, because it removes even the hardest scale deposits (boiler scale, limescale, urinal cake) and fungi; contains highly effective inhibitors, which prevent all common metals used in sanitary facilities, like iron, steel, nickel, chrome, brass, from being affected ; since the cleaner is based on acid, it affects acidity sensitive surfaces like marble, concrete or plaster – surfaces of stainless steel, aluminium and zinc possibly undergo a change in colour.

  • Powdery highly effective cleaner, especially for fighting of urinal cake, only for business applicatiopn.