nontoxic antifreeze agent based on propylene glycol, with specialised corrosion inhibitors

temperature range: -50°C up to +120°C

ANTIFROST-PRO is an excellent suitable heat transfer fluid for ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as solar collectors, absorbers and heat pumps.

Water, the best and cheapest heat transfer fluid, freezes at 0°C and has considerable corrosive effects on many metals and alloys. A mixture of water and ANTIFROST-PRO degrades the possible operating temperature, increases boiling point and prohibits corrosive attacks von metallic systems.

What is the performance of ANTIFROST-PRO?

  • Solutions of ANTIFROST-PRO in water may be used up to a vessel temperature of 120°C (film temperature up to 150°C), because vapour pressure of such mixtures lies below that of water alone. Lifetime of the mixture can be extended by inert-gas neutralization (for example with nitrogen), in case temperature exceeds 65°C.

  • ANTIFROST-PRO/water mixtures will not freeze down to a temperature of -50°C – valves, fittings and pipes keep their operability even after an installation shutdown.

  • ANTIFROST-PRO contains specialised corrosion inhibitors which passivate the metal surface and act as buffer agents against acids having oxidising properties. These inhibitors increase lifetime of the installation, decrease operating costs and raise operational safety and reliability.
    ANTIFROST-PRO prevents additionally formation of deposits caused by hard water, because it contains a particular chelating agent which allows the use of regular drinking water.

  • Basal substance in ANTIFROST-PRO is propylene glycol, which is nontoxic by itself – LD50 value lies at 23 g/kg; skin contact is not dangerous, because propylene glycol is not reabsorbed in toxic quantities; when in contact with eyes only slight irritation is expected. In addition ANTIFROST-PRO is easiliy bio-degradable too.

  • ANTIFROST-PRO is compatible with all conventional elastomers like EPDM, PE, PP and SBR (within a usual temperature range).

Applications for ANTIFROST-PRO

  • Pipelines; process heating; heat recovery; air or liquid preheating; indirect air/gas heating systems; solar heating; underfloor heating; snow and ice melting systems.

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire hydrants, fire sprinkling systems, geothermal heating systems, cooling coil defrosting, humidity monitoring, assembly belt roll defrosting.

  • Process freezing, ice cream production, blow moulding of plastic bottles, leakage detection in oil tanks, snow and ice melting systems.