Different requirements, different controlling devices

MAXIPOOL dosing unit with time controller for the chlorine free pool care

This dosing station is disigned for automatic dosage of MAXIPOOL-TOP and concurrent automated pH value adjustment.

Mode of operation:

When carrying out a chlorine free pool care according to the MAXIPOOL-method one will have to add the liquid oxygen MAXIPOOL-TOP every 3 to 4 weeks; this is done fully automated, by means of a clock timer – by this every 3 weeks a certain quantity of MAXIPOOL-TOP is added to the water. Additionally pH value is adjusted accordingly by the pH value controlling unit.

The advantage lies in the fully automated operation – only at the beginning of the season  MAXIPOOL-FORTE has to be added to the water und monitored occasionally.

BROMINE DISINFECTOR dosing unit with time controller

This dosing station is designed for dosage of the solid biocide MIKROBIOZID-BRT90.

MIKROBIZID-BRT90 is a bromine containing biocide in tablet shape, fighting effectively algae and all sorts of bacteria (including legionella and slime producing microbes), used especially in industrial water circulations.

Tablets of MIKROBIZID-BRT90 are put into the reservoir by unfastening the vent hole.

The BROMINE DISINFECTOR is installed in the by-pass of the cooling circiut, whereby by means of a weekly clock timer the period, during which the watergate is seeped through by the cooling water, can be adjusted. This period has to be determined via tests.

The particular advantage in using bromine instead of chlorine consists in the effctivity especially at higher pH values.

Bromine commands over a better disinfection activity as compared to chlorine, and at once a lower corrosivity vis-a-vis metallic materials, especially copper and brass.

Quantity of dosage:

A continous dosing can be carried out by a collecting gate / rotary feeder or a dosing float switch; a concentration of 0.5 mg/l bromine

is enough.

If the collection gate is controlled via clock timer a push dosing (once or twice a week) can be carried out; this is especially economica

l meaningful when dosing big systems. At push dosing the bromine concentration should be at least 1.0 mg/l.

A closer description you may find in our technical data sheet MIKROBIOZID-BRT90.


Effectivity of apllication should be monitored via colony count.