Water treatment, water preparation, chemical refurbishment and water technology

Dr. Ing. Franz Böhm GmbH

For more than 60 years now we concern ourselves with chemical-technical water treatment, focused on heating and steam systems, cooling water and, as well, drinking water – throughout Austria and parts of the rest of the world. Our clients are based in the industrial sector, or are installation companies or plant manufacturers, or are dealers and retailers in industry and commerce. During the years of our engagement we constantly kept ourselves busy with innovative applications and thus we were able to extend our product and sevice portfolio continuously.

Our goal: Highly quality-oriented products and practical solutions by professional guidance. We will find – for example – individual possibilities for the chemical refurbishment of your devices, starting with your cooling tower, to your water system in general, and ending at your heating system – whereby your water can be improved as well as newly prepared (first or new filling). For your refurbishment task we have special devices at hand, which make a chemical refurbishment without interruption of operation possible.

We train our clients on all our products and sell or confer units or equipment, which can easily be operated. Services like decalcification or others will be handled by our best-trained experts. Our team attaches greatest importance to an easy traceability of all work steps and accompanies you with specific solutions in the field. We are focused on individual customer care and your satisfaction!

Water treatment by your specialist and expert in Austria – Dr. Ing. Franz Böhm

Environmental commitment – water treatment by Dr. Ing. Franz Böhm

Environmental commitment – water treatment by Dr. Ing. Franz Böhm

Services and products at a glance:

  • Refurbishment of heating systems, cooling towers, and water systems in general (e.g. fresh water pipes and systems, heating power station systems, hydroelectric power station systems)
  • Water preparation and purification
  • Corrosion prevention for all kinds of water systems (heating water, steam, cooling and drinking water systems)
  • Water supplements – stabilisers and dispersing agents for heating and steam boilers, cooling waters, drinking waters
  • Pool care products (disinfection, chloric or non-chloric, alkaline and acid cleaning agents)
  • Cleaner for industrial use
  • Antifreezing agents for heating systems, recooling systems and solar thermal systems
  • Units, equipment, accessories – dosing pumps, water and heating water filters, decalcification pumps, measuring and control devices for commerce and industry (pH value, conductivity, ….), water softening systems, reverse osmosis, ….