Additives for heating and warm water Systems

This is the realm of the ÖNORM H5195-1 – with our additives you are able to achieve all standard-based protection requirements without any problems, for each individual water.

  • Combined protection based on sulfite, alkalising, phophatising and oxygen extracting; possible residual hardness is removed additionally.

  • Combined protection for heating systems, in which Aluminium is used as construction material.

  • Protection for heating systems, in which the raw water has a minimum hardness of 3°dH.

  • Protection for middle-size heating systems, in which softened feed water is used; based on sulfite as well, alkalising, phosphatising and oxygen quenching.

  • Corrosion inhibition for closed heating systems and floor heating systems holding a volume of not more than 5000 lt., based on molybdates

  • Protection for heating systems without alkalization, via phosphatizing and stabilization of residual hardness; no oxygen scavenger.

  • Protection for heating systems with higher oyxygenation (e.g. by diffusion in plastic pipes).

  • Protection for heating systems which have to be run under a higher silica content.

  • Protection for heating systems especially via alkalization, with a slight phosphatizing effect.

  • Specialised protection for heating systems by disinfection, for the rare case of a microbial contamination.