Analytical Service Water

Examination of raw, feeding, boiler and circulating waters aacording to ÖNORM H5195 or ABV

In the treatment of heating waters or waters in steam systems or waters used in cooling systems either specialised technical norms or statutory provisions have to be met.

The analysis done by our laboratory include all parameters mentioned in these documents – starting at the water hardness and pH value, ending at a special active ingredient; additionally we analyze for you of course relevant corrosion indicators (e.g. iron content to colony count).

A short word about our recommendations in our analytical reports:

Our recommendations and suggestions are on the one hand certainly based on values investigated according to norms and statutory provisions, on the other hand of course on detected corrosion indicators. And the recommendations are matched with the effectiveness of our products – for which we are able to specify a necessary quantity of addition, based on the water analysis -, so that you are perfectly safe in your application.