Bag Filter


  • filter mit stainless steel housing
    thread or adapter version
    easy exchangeable filter bag
    temperature range up to 110°C
    pressure up to 20 bar (special design)
    drain valve (optional)
    vent valve (optional)
    differential pressure switch (optional)
    manometer (optional)
    filter cartridges 1 µm – 200 µm

    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 3 5/4“
    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 4 5/4“
    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 1 2“
    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 2 2“
    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 2 DN50
    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 2 DN65
    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 2 DN80
    Bag Filter DB-LTBC size 2 DN100

    suitable for in-depth-filtration of drinking and process water
    Example of use: System rehabilitation, cooling circuits

  • reliable monitoring of filters
    adjustable pressure range
    temperature range up to 80°C
    pressure up to 10 bar
    for pressure difference range 0,03 – 0,6 bar
    isolated electric contact
    by request with ready-to-use assembled pressure switch too

    DPG100/10 fixed adjustment 0,1 – 0,45 bar / only switch
    DPG200/06 manually, scale reading 0,06 – 0,6 bar

    Suitable for monitoring of filters

  • reliable monitoring of filters
    error persists until trouble-shooting begins
    for blocking current resistant circulating pumps 1x230V max. 1 kW
    three-phase version up to 7,5 kW
    external access for motor protecting switch
    available with alarm output and elapsed-time counter too

    SDTSF/1 ext. input (motor protection), differential pressure (DPG100/10), outlet pump
    SDTSF/2 ext. input, differential pressure contact, outlet pump, alarm, operating hours,…
    SDTSF/MS additional contactor, triple-pole, with motor protecting switch max. 7,5 kW

    suitable for monitoring of filters