Mild Descaling for All Surfaces – WABOL

Depending on the existing metallic surfaces in a system and of which composition the scale is an accordingly adapted descaling agent has to be used. We always supply an optimal adjusted combination of acids and inhibitors, so that our clients can start the chemical rehabilitation of their systems without undue delay.

WABOL – chlorine free descaling agent with allround-inhibitors, suitable for all metallic surfaces.

Method of Application:

Depending on intensity of calcification and dimension of the system an according quantity of a solution of 5 to 15 % (bw) of WABOL in water is made – this solution is pumped into the system/tank which has to be descaled.

Entry oft he WABOL solution should be at the lowest point of a system/tank, the outlet at the highest point. With heaters this is achieved if the WABOL solution is pumped in at the cold water entry pipe and let out at the hot water outlet pipe. For this procedure a BOY Descaling Pump is advantageously to be used, because with it the velocity of flow can be kept down.

At the dissolving of limescale carbonic acid gas (carbon dioxide) evolves, which often leads to an ebullition of the WABOL solution; the solution has therefore to be dissipated from the outlet into an open tank/container, e.g. by means of a hose connection, where the trailed gases are able to escape. And therefrom the WABOL solution is recirculated into the system, in a way, that the systems always stays completely loaded.
A too high flow velocity should be avoided, just to keep the chemical interaction as efficient as possible. Therefore one fills the system slowly until overflow of the solution can be seen, then lets reaction occur unhurriedly, pumps on only from time to time, just to keep the system loaded. When gas formation stops, either WABOL is consumed (inactive) or limescale is dissolved completely. One then has to check with a piece of calcite or plaster wether the WABOL solution is still active (gas formation) or not. If you find the first (gas formation -> solution still active) then the descaling procedure is finished; one discharges and flushes the system thoroughly with plenty of water.
If the WABOL solution wasn’t active any longer, new WABOL has to be added to the solution. Usually a reaction time of one to four hours is enough, even if calcification is extensive.

ATTENTION: A chemical rehabilitation with WABOL is only permitted at room temperature (max. 30°C)!